House system

Each year group has up to 84 students so that the school’s full capacity is 420 students across Years 7 to 11. The school will be full by 2016/17.

Students are currently divided into two houses called Fleet, Tyburn after underground tributaries of the River Thames (Walbrook will be added as the school grows).

The house system encourages students across the school to get to know each other and provide each other with valuable support and guidance

The Head of House, alongside the Headteacher, is responsible for the well-being and progress of the students in each House.

Each House is divided into smaller tutor groups.

Pastoral care is provided primarily by personal tutors and the Head of House. The school also employs a variety of key non-academic staff to support the safeguarding and pastoral care needs of the students.

Examples of key non-academic staff include: home school support workers, attendance and welfare advisors, a Bengali-speaking outreach workers, counsellors.

Finally, through the house system, senior students are expected to support and mentor students from the younger years and take on substantial leadership roles.