Workshop wednesdays

Workshop Wednesday is a unique part of Wapping High. A bespoke programme where years 7 & 8 students use project based learning to develop eight essential life skills.

Projects that they work on over several weeks, are designed to prepare them for a life of success and opportunity during and after school as well as helping them to develop autonomy and independence.

Our Partnership


For the past two years, we have worked closely with Skills Builder, a national organisation that works to build life skills in young people and adults in schools and in the workplace. In recognition of our Workshop Wednesday programme, Wapping High was recently awarded the Bronze Skills Builder prize.

“All the schools and colleges who have achieved a Skills Builder Award this year have demonstrated that they are committed to ensuring that every one of their students builds the essential skills to succeed. These essential skills have been needed more than ever this year: speaking, listening, teamwork, leadership, creativity, problem solving, aiming high, and staying positive. We congratulate them on a brilliant achievement.”

– Tom Ravenscroft, Founder & CEO, Skills Builder Partnership

Our Projects


From designing future habitats on Mars to learning about the importance of diversity and inclusion in society, students have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics and explore them in detail. Trips are included in projects as often as possible so that students can have the opportunity to meet experts in different professions. 

We also pursue international connections in the hopes of taking students abroad to expand and broaden their horizons. Plans to take students to New York City are currently being made with more ventures planned in the future.

Our Team


  • Samuel Wiles – Acting Head of Science – Head of Skills & Enrichment
  • Sam Cross – Music teacher
  • Nadine Wright – Food technology teacher


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