Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Gary Nelson – Headteacher

Mr Tom Raw – Deputy Head / Director of Learning (English)

Ms Nicolette Sorba – Senior Assistant Head 

Mr Tom Dean –  Assistant Head / Director of Learning (Science)

Mrs Serra Sanders – Assistant Head / Director of Learning (Humanities)

Mr William Overill – Assistant Head / Inclusion Leader / SENCO / DSL 

Mr Jonathan Palmer – Assistant Headteacher / Director of Learning (Maths)  

Ms Tiffany Ingram -Assistant Headteacher / Coaching leader / Deputy DSL

Teaching Staff

Mr Terrence Adegbenle – Head of Art

Ms Hayley Charman – Head of Fleet House / Head of P.E / Student Leadership leader / Deputy DSL ( Maternity leave )

Ms Danielle Harvey – Head of Performing Arts ( Maternity leave )

Mr Jon Edwards –  Teacher of P.E / Applied Learning Coordinator / BTEC Quality Nominee

Mr Samuel Wiles – Teacher of Science/ STEAM / Assistant Director of Science / Head of Workshop Wednesdays 

Mr Farhatul Islam – Teacher of Maths 

Ms Zara Ahmed – Head of English /Learning Leader

Ms Cara Mansfield –  Head of History /Assistant Director of Humanities/ Learning Leader

Ms Juanita Walker – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Ms Alex Piechoczek – Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) (Maternity leave)

Mr Saifur Rahman – Assistant Director of Maths

Ms Rachael Harvey – Head of Geography 

Ms Cara Robinson – Head of Technology

Ms Tegan MacMillan – Teacher of Science 

Ms Sharmin Nahar – Teacher of Science 

Ms Niamh McSherry – Teacher of English

Ms Shantoya Beckford – Teacher of Maths

Mr Finn Hutton – Teacher of P.E

Ms Dheena Akther – Teacher of English (ECT)

Mr Jordon Collier – Teacher of History

Mr Anne-Marie Aguocha – Teacher of Technology

Ms Pary Saied – Head of IT & Computing

Learning Support Assistants / Cover Supervisor

Ms Saria Mazhar – LSA  (Maths)

Mr Muhammad Ahmed – LSA 

Ms Nicola Manley – Senior LSA

Mr Santu Mbele- LSA

Ms Olivia Weeks – LSA 

Mr Muhammad Alim – LSA

Mr Joel Augustus – Learning Mentor

Support Staff

Mr Imran Hussain – Student Support Administrator 

Mr Mohammed Ali – Head of House / Head of Tyburn House

Mr Matthew Dervin – School Business Manager 

Ms Taysha Morgan – Headteacher’s PA and HR Manager

Mr Yousef Muruts – IT & Network Manager

Mrs Yasmin Miah – Admissions and Marketing and Coordinator (Maternity leave)

Mrs Jenna Stonebanks – Data and Cover Manager / Exams Officer

Mr Ashford Clovis – STEAM/ D&T Technician 

Ms Bevin Hay – Attendance and Welfare Officer 

Mr Charlie Massarella – Building and Maintenance Supervisor

Mr Mehmet Isci – Assistant Attendance & Welfare Officer /Temp cover Receptionist