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thE Curriculum

Wapping High School provides a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of students in a rapidly-changing world. The curriculum is designed to follow a personalised learning approach, providing flexibility to meet the needs of all students across the ability range. Students are expected to take significant responsibility for their own learning with project-based learning time included in their programmes.

The curriculum blends high quality, imaginative learning opportunities supported by a rich digital environment. There is also a rigorous focus on ensuring that all students develop the highest quality skills in reading, writing, numeracy and communication.

As well as the range of subjects that you would expect, students also learn how best to learn, to communicate, to think critically and strategically and to understand themselves, each other and the wider world, both real and virtual. 

At Key Stage 4 both academic and vocational  subjects are equally highly valued and opportunities are available for pupils to study for both GCSE and BTEC qualifications depending on their skillsets and indivdual career choices.



Wapping High School strives to ensure that our learners are enterprising and innovative. Key curriculum subjects such as English, Science, Maths, Humanities, Languages and Technology use real-world context and understanding to encourage this innovation and the spirit of enterprise.  Through Workshop Wednesday sessions in Years 7 and 8, pupils develop skills such as problem solving, oracy, teamwork and leadership.

All pupils are encouraged to develop their self-confidence and practice the skills required to self-motivate, experiment and to develop new products and services and bring them to market. Friends of the school from outside businesses, industries and public life participate in projects and activities throughout the school.

Key Stage 3


At KS3 all students follow the National Curriculum with a full range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, Technology, History, Geography, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese Art, Music, Drama, ICT and PE. Students also enjoy opportunities to work with other school learners both primary and international. Workshop Wednesday brings together a range of  subjects as well as skills such as oracy, teamwork and problem solving to create a, meaningful and exciting learning experience . Students also enjoy a high quality enrichment program designed to extend learning beyond the curriculum.

Key Stage 4


All pupils at Wapping High study English Literature, English Language, Maths and either Combined or Separate Science at GCSE.  Alongside their core subjects, pupils are able to choose from a range of options at GCSE and BTEC level. Currently subjects studies by Wapping High pupils include Art, Drama, Sociology, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Spanish, Technology and Food and Nutrition at GCSE level.  Wapping High also offers pupils the opportunity to study for a BTEC in Business and Enterprise, Sport and Fitness, Health and Social Care and Digital Information Technology.  Students in KS4 also access the schools enrichment program.

PE & Sports


A rich range of PE and sports are provided at Wapping High School, including ball sports, dance and fitness. All students participate in PE lessons every week.In addition, many sports-based enrichment activities

are also offered especially during Wednesday non-curriculum time. This means that students have the opportunity to take up a healthy amount of PE or sports each week.

Sixth Form


The Trust constantly explores the possibility of opening a Sixth Form here which will deliver Vocational and Academic curriculum options. All pupils have the opportunity to meet with providers from local post 16 establishments alongside companies that offer apprenticeships.

Wapping High hosts a post 16 information event for all Year 11 pupils each year alongside pupils visiting the Skills London event at Excel. Each pupil is supported in applications for post 16 education to ensure the best possible destination.

All Stages


At all stages, building student’s Digital Technology skill as an important element of their personal development will be interwoven into the curriculum underpinning and empowering learning experience.

At all stages, students will also study PSHE, Ethics and Cultural Studies to develop their wider educational needs.



On Thursday afternoons (13:40-15:40) all pupils take part in enrichment. Pupils are free to choose their activity from the range of options and groups are made up of a mix of age groups.

Activities include dance, drama, music, languages, journalism, cricket, basketball, football, Duke of York Award, art, textiles and many more.

Course outline downloads


PSHE - Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education


Wapping High School aims to provide its students with an excellent PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic) education, which equips our young people with vital tools and skills needed to a lead happier  and healthier  life in 21st Century Britain. Focused PSHE lessons are delivered once a half term through extended tutor time and and during ASPIRE days. 

Aspire 1Aspire 2Aspire 3Aspire 4Aspire 5Extended Tutor Time
Year 7Celebrating Diversity & EqualityHealth & WellbeingRelationship and Sex EducationRights, Responsibilities & British ValuesLife Beyond SchoolStaying Safe  Online & Offline
Year 8Celebrating Diversity & EqualityHealth & WellbeingRights, Responsibilities & British ValuesLife Beyond SchoolStaying Safe  Online & OfflineRelationship and Sex Education
Year 9Relationship and Sex EducationHealth & WellbeingRights, Responsibilities & British ValuesLife Beyond SchoolStaying Safe  Online & OfflineRelationship and Sex Education
Year 10Celebrating Diversity & EqualityHealth & WellbeingRights, Responsibilities & British ValuesLife Beyond SchoolStaying Safe  Online & OfflineRelationship and Sex Education
Year 11Health & WellbeingLife Beyond SchoolStaying Safe  Online & OfflineLife Beyond SchoolStaying Safe  Online & OfflineRelationship and Sex Education

PSHE is taught as part of a wider Spiritual Moral Social & Cultural (SMSC)  programme at Wapping  which includes Character education and Careers. PSHE  offers prominent themes which include Relationships and Sex education, physical and mental health, safety, financial literacy and economic wellbeing and is currently taught during form times and on Aspire Days.

‘PSHE education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. From making responsible decisions about alcohol to succeeding in their first job, PSHE education helps pupils to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.’ (PSHE Association) 

PSHE Curriculum Map

Please click on this link to view the Wapping High School PSHE/RSE Health Education Curriculum Overview – this document gives a detailed overview of the subject content students cover in PSHE at Wapping. 

Relationships and Sex Education at Wapping

From this year secondary schools in Britain have a statutory obligation to deliver a Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum. ‘The purpose of RSE is to help children and young people to be safe, healthy and happy as they grow up and in their future lives.’ (Sex Education Forum) At Heartlands RSE is taught within our extensive PSHE curriculum and is based on the Sex Education Forum’s 12 principles of good RSE education, which can be viewed here. The school’s RSE policy can baccessed here. Additionally the letter and parent presentation regarding the changes can be found below. 

If parents or carers have any questions regarding the content taught in these sessions they should contact PSHE Lead; using the email below, in the first instance. 

Parent Support and Information 

Wapping aims to develop strong relationships with parents and carers and offer support to families in supporting their child’s PSHE education. A comprehensive list of support agencies can be found below:

 Useful links:

PSHE Association – How PSHE can help your children

Care for the Family – Organisation supporting families and parents

Contact – an agency supporting parents with disabled children

Young Minds – Supporting my child with anxiety

For further information contact:


“Disadvantaged pupils achieve well. Last year, their achievement was very similar to that of non-disadvantaged pupils nationally. In mathematics, their achievement at GCSE was in the top 4% of schools nationally. “

– Ofsted Report, 2018

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