Provision for students at extremes of ability.

Use of a Personalised Learning methodology has been specifically chosen for its ability to cater for children with very different learning needs. Teachers will be trained to diversify their lesson plans to provide challenging and stimulating activities that stretch students at all levels. Students with additional learning needs will be directly catered for through the school’s nurture groups and SEN provision.

In addition, there will be a Gifted and Talented register. Students who are gifted and/or talented will be identified via a wide range of ways: teacher observation, parent nomination, peer nomination, self nomination, check-lists of characteristics – generic and subject-specific, standardised test results, National Curriculum Optional Tasks results, early identification, late bloomers, underachievers, IQ tests, World Class Tests.

The gifted and talented students will work closely with their House Tutors and teachers to develop their Learning Pathway. Each department will have its own methods to provide students with opportunities to work at the best of their abilities, either by setting (in Maths), fast tracking, working with older pupils, or independent study. Heads of Department will be
expected to work together to provide opportunities for collaboration between Gifted and
Talented students

SEND Provision

The personalised learning programmes employed at Wapping High School will be tailored to the abilities of each student. It is recognised that some students will require additional support for some or all of their learning. This support will be deployed both within the nurture groups and with the mainstream provision. A dedicated SEN Department will be established, led by an SEN Co-ordinator. The Principal will have responsibility for ensuring that all SEN related policies and practices adhere to the SEN Code of Practice.


On starting at Wapping High School, all students will be assessed in their literacy and numeracy skills. In addition, the personalised learning methodology employed at Wapping High School will enable individual subject based assessments to identify particular strengths and areas of difficulty. This will inform target setting and help identify students with additional support needs. In the very few cases where students appear to demonstrate complex difficulties, the SEN
Co-ordinator will seek additional advice and services from outside agencies.

Statements of SEN

A number of students at Wapping High School may require the guidance of a Statement of Special Educational Needs. Staff at Wapping High School will work with the families of these students to assist in explaining the implications of the Statement. Where the statement indicates additional support, the school will endeavour to appoint appropriate staff either prior to the student starting at Wapping High School or within one half term of the statement’s issue, as appropriate.

Week by week, monitoring and assessment of the progress of a student with a statement
will occur in accordance with the Personalised Learning framework. In accordance with the SEN Code of Practice, an annual review will take place for students with statements. Parents, carers and other parties involved in supporting the student’s educational progress will be invited to provide evidence or comment. Every effort will be made to include parents and carers in meetings.

SEN Report