Length of day

As in many other schools, the Wapping High academic year starts in September and is divided into 6 half terms called modules. Students arrive at school every day by 8.25 am and normally leave at 3.40 pm. Students leave slightly earlier at 2.40 pm on Fridays although many Key Stage 4 students stay behind to access additional GCSE booster classes.

On Wednesdays, Wapping High normal lessons end at 1 pm and, after full school assembly until 1.20 pm, all Key Stage 4 students, i.e. Years 9 to 11 can leave the site to continue independent learning/ homework or revision offsite. Students from Year 7 and 8 remain at school to continue with their Year 7 and Year 8 Project work or have supported homework support. Students from Years 7 and 8 can leave school if parental permission is provided.

Please note all students on Wednesdays, regardless of Year group, are more than welcome to stay and carry on with their learning independently with all school staff on hand ready to provide them with support as and when required.

The daily and weekly structure is designed to provide students with an effective balance of guided and self-directed learning opportunities and to allow gained time on Wednesday afternoons for additional staff training, lesson preparation and marking time for all teaching staff to improve the quality of learning across the school.

Wednesday afternoons also provide an excellent opportunity for sports fixtures, visits and trips and easier connection opportunities for students to our university and business partners.

If you have any questions regarding the above then please email enquiries@wappinghigh.org and we will be glad to help.