One to One Coaching

To support the personalised learning ethos at Wapping High School, we have developed a multi-faceted one-to-one coaching programme. This has now evolved to include Year 11 Academic & Wellbeing coaching, peer-to-peer coaching and staff wellbeing coaching.

We are growing and fostering a culture of coaching across the school.  We are passionate about supporting students towards independently realising their personal and academic potential. These programmes are designed to guide learners towards becoming resilient individuals with excellent problem solving skills. We also understand that promoting a strong sense of wellbeing amongst our students will ensure that they are happy and well supported.

Students meet with their coach once a week for a 15 minute session where they discuss and plan how to achieve their long term goals. This is done through a series of stepping stones working towards their end goal.  Learners chart their progress and record their strategies in their personal coaching log book.

The programme is set to expand as the year progresses and we can’t wait to update you on all of our students’ successes!