Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Wapping High School provides a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of students in a rapidly-changing world. The curriculum is designed to follow a personalised learning approach, providing flexibility to meet the needs of all students across the ability range. Students are expected to take significant responsibility for their own learning with self-directed learning time included in their programmes.

The curriculum blends high quality, imaginative learning supported by a rich, digital environment with a rigorous focus on ensuring that all students develop the highest quality skills in reading, writing, numeracy and communication.

As well as the range of subjects that you would expect, students also learn how best to learn, to communicate, to think critically and strategically, and to understand themselves, each other and the wider world, both real and virtual.

All students will attain the core KS4 offer of 5 GCSEs or equivalent, with the more able students taking up to 12 should they wish to. Both academic and vocational educational pathways will be highly valued and the opportunity to attain BTEC qualifications will be offered where appropriate.


Wapping High School’s specialism is ‘Enterprise and Innovation’. The specialism links core curriculum subjects such as English, Science, Maths, Humanities and Languages, and places them in a real-world context. 

Enterprise and innovation will build self-confidence and teach the skills required to self-motivate, experiment and to develop new products and services and bring them to market. 

Guest mentors from outside businesses, industries and public life will be invited to participate in projects and activities throughout the school.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 all students follow the National Curriculum with a full range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Languages, Ethics & Cultural Studies, Art, Music, Drama, Dance and PE. Learning is thematically linked across subjects to ensure that all learning is enjoyable, meaningful and exciting. They also have specific teaching of Learning and Thinking Skills to ensure that they get the best from all their learning experiences.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 all students will study a core of English, Maths, Sciences, History and a language and then will have a range of options from a number of GCSE and BTEC qualifications, including those that reflect our specialism of Enterprise and Innovation. These options will include a second language, Classics, Geography, Art, Music, Media Studies, PE, Product Design, Business, Computer Studies, Music Technology, Psychology & Philosophy.

PE & Sports

A rich range of PE and sports are provided at Wapping High School, including ball sports, dance and fitness. All students participate in 2 hours of PE lessons each week. In addition many sports based enrichment activities are also offered. This means that students have the opportunity to take up to 5 hours of PE or sports each week. The provision of PE and sports is under constant review and takes into account requests from students.

Sixth Form

In the course of the next couple of years, the Trust will apply to open a Sixth Form. At sixth form, students will continue on their Learning Pathway and be given the opportunity to study a full curriculum to A-level or vocational equivalent leading to their preferred choices of University and career.

All Stages

At all stages the teaching of ICT, Media Studies and personal development will be interwoven into the curriculum underpinning an empowering learning experience for the future. At all stages students will also study PE and Ethics and Cultural Studies to ensure a healthy education for both body and mind.

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